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China Film Assist Co

Is a full range company licensed by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television of China in Chinese and foreign film production services from preparation and shooting to post production established in 2003.

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We have many frequent partners in the industry

Such as 20th Century Fox (USA), Columbia Pictures (USA) , Warner Bros(USA), Emperor Entertainment Group Limited(Hong Kong), Sundream Motion Pictures(Hong Kong), Legendary East(Hong Kong), China Film Group Corporation, China Central Television, Huayi Bros.Media Group(China), Poly-Huayi Media of China, Orange Sky Entertainment Group(China), New Pictures Film Co(China), and also some Australian film production companies. Our clients include some famous directors and independent producers such as Kar-Wai Wong ,Stanley Tong, Tsui Hark, Stephen Chow, Jacob Cheung, Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang, etc.


The Sound of Water 2006

Mao's Last Dancer, by Bruce Beresford 2007

Little Thing, by Zhu Wen 2009

Karate Kid 2009

Never Give Up, by Huang Jiangzhong 2011

The Eagle Shooting Heroes, by Liu Zhenwei 2011

Sneezing Baby Panda 2012

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Soundfirm Beijing(an investment of China Film Assist Co. Ltd in 2003)

is a joint-venture in film and television post-production. With our help, they have worked on more than hundred Chinese and international movies, won several international awards and nominations including 2 Hong Kong Film

part of products

Cloud AtlasTom Tykwer/ Lana Wachowski /Andy Wachowski
Shang HaiWong Jing
Chinese ZodiacJackie Chan
Flying GuillotineAndrew Law
Wu DdangPatrick Leung
The AssassinsZhao Linshan
The Flowers of WarZhang Yimou
White VengeanceDaniel Lee
My KingdomGao Xiaosong
ShaoLinBenny Chen
The love of the Hawthom TreeZhang Yimou
Ocean HeavenXue Xiaolu
True LegendYuen Woo-Ping
WheatHe Ping
Red Cliff(I II)John Woo
The Silver ValleyYao Shuhua
The Forbidden KingdomRob Minkoff
Mao's Last DancerBruce Bereford
IP Man” (Mandarin Dubbing)Willson Yip
A HopeStephen Chow
... ...

The Higher Solution Suzhou

is another joint-venture which the China Film Assist Co. Ltd invested in 2011. 3D film technical and commercial projects are its main business. The design and implementation of a 3D cinema combined with a Tang Style Hot Spring in Zhejiang has been accomplished.

Yu Huan Zhuan (5D) in 2013



Current program

Doc Roads China forum

14-16 March2014/h4>

Chengdu China

This joint venture training oriented international forum is a unique new training initiative. Within 2+1+1 intensive days, the participants will experience the theory and get to know what the international market wants, how to tell stories, where to find the international partners, how to represent your concept with the best format and how to protect yourself.

Detailed information:

Joint program



In 2012 China Film Assist Co. Ltd set up a Mobile phone media platform - “Filmmaker” - with a view to gathering more professional film workers and sharing information. It allows all the film makers to develop their potential in project incubation, forming, financing, production, publicizing and distribution. It broadens the horizon of film workers through various communication and training. This platform enables wide cooperation between professionals and enhances our strengths in the film industry chain.


New commercial film development fund

To adapt to the Chinese market, and promote China's new commercial film project, we have partnered with two other industry companies to set up China's new commercial film development fund. This fund uses professional resources to facilitate and intensify operations, to source investors for the Chinese film market’s rapid growth of investment opportunities and returns.

Traning program

International professional producer of actual combat management skills training

This course will be lectured by well-known producers, screenwriters, directors, DOPs, art directors, editors, mixers, entertainment marketing experts, co-production producers. Based on "professionalism and practical training", the tutors will illustrate and analyze their own projects which will implement a dynamic and static combination to help students to build all-round cconcept and absorb the essence so to be able to become international producers.

The "DOC roads" Training

Jointly launched by the European "Doc roads" and China Film Assist, DOC road training is a distinctive and innovative documentary training plan. In 16 days, participants will not only learn the theory but also practice the real filming of a 15-minute documentary. The course is a driving force in project and creative documentary seminars and training programs, especially for Europe and China related professionals. It includes two parts, the lectures and seminars with every part of specific business activity, and the instructor's guidance, coordination and supervision, the tutor will always focus on the participants' feedback and suggestions. By comparison of the European and Chinese film industry and their different culture and commercial relations, it aims to promote the development of the network and draws attention to the diversity of thinking and ideas so as to bring Chinese documentary to an international range of view.


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The Higher Solution Suzhou

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